Know what happens inside and outside your vehicle in real time and in high definition with our video camera. GeoCam gives you more visibility, more control and the perspective you need to transform your business.

Accesorios GPS GeoCam

Save lives

Study your driver’s driving habits and correct reckless behavior.


The truth in real time

Capture the truth and easily control, from anywhere, all situations within your vehicle. Record traffic accidents, crimes or vandalism.


Reduce income loss

Control the boarding process of your passengers. Discourage unauthorized stops. Take corrective measures with irrefutable evidence.

GeoMagnet accesorio de Geotech


Monitor the location of your vehicle or cargo with GeoMagnet, our next generation portable device.


No tools, no complications

GeoMagnet magnetically adheres to the vehicle or container without the need for complicated installations or wiring.


Ideal for secret tracking

Its discreet design, easy installation and long-lasting battery make it ideal for secret and long distance tracking


Real-time notifications

Make timely decisions and / or take corrective actions thanks to real-time notifications based on events, including installation and removal of the device.


Make sure your vehicle is being used by the assigned driver by implementing our smart button.

Panic button

Ask for help with just the touch of a button. This accesory sends silent emergency signals when activated. If the driver encounters an accident, is stranded in a remote area or is involved in an emergency situation, the panic button will allow for an easy call for help.

Ibutton y boton de panico

Identification and monitoring

Control and record the driver, their shifts and driving behaviors associated with the vehicle.



Activate the panic button and quickly alert our Control Center, which works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Reliable protocols

We implement security protocols previously agreed with our clients. We act in coordination with the national authorities to achieve the successful recovery of vehicles and motorcycles.

Sensores Geotech

Fuel sensor

Geotech offers you a combined software and hardware tool that allows you to monitor, understand and optimize your fuel consumption.

Volco sensor

Maintaining efficiency in the operation of a machine or vehicle type volco is not an easy task. Productivity in this industry is determined by the number of trips made and how effective they were.

Door sensor

Protect your operation, passengers and / or cargo by knowing where and when the doors of your vehicle open.


More efficient costs

Easily analyze the performance of your vehicle. Carry out more accurate costs and budgets for your operation.


Integrated solution

Make timely decisions and / or corrective actions thanks to real-time notifications based on events, including installation and removal of the device.


Integrated Solution

Make timely decisions and / or corrective actions thanks to real-time notifications based on events, including installation and removal of the device.

Buzzer Alarm: Preventive in cabin alert

Ensuring safety is one of the main challenges of vehicle management. Our preventive in cabin alert is a tool that aids in the correction of driving behaviors, facilitates compliance with traffic regulations avoiding fines and potential losses.

Buzzer alerta preventiva en cabina

Reduce infractions and costs

The sound sensor informs the driver when a traffic enforcement camera is within a radius of 200 meters.


Correct driving habits

React timely to bad driving habits. The warning in the cabin informs the driver, when the unwanted behavior occurs.


Historical Reports

Get historical information about what happened during a specific time period. Access our report library and get historic insights.

Micrófono en cabina

Cockpit Microphone

Listen to what’s happening inside your vehicle in real time and simplify communication with your driver with our cockpit microphone.


Permanent communication

Stay in constant communication with your driver. Our microphone works in one or two ways.


Improve Driving Habits

React timely to bad driving habits. The cockpit microphone allows you to establish communication with the driver.


Enhance Security

Maintain permanent communication with the driver, allowing him to easily report any emergency or unwanted event that occurs on the route.

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