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Obtain information about your rights as an user, procedures, redirection with control entities, and terms and conditions of your monitoring service.


On our website you can:

– Consult features of our products
– Find more information about contact channels and service hours
– Online chat with a consultant
– File petitions, complaints and claims
– Get to know our protocol in case of theft and emergencies
– Download maintenance and guarantees policy
– Access Geotech´s Monitoring Platform
– Download your invoice
– Get the answer to frequently asked questions


In our customer service line you can:

– File complaints, claims and requirements.
– Check the status of your portfolio and make payment agreements
– Confirm the application of payments or returns
– Update your data

+57 (5) 386 0000
Option 4 and 5
National Line
01 8000 955522
Option 4 and 5
Monday to Friday:
8:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Through our technical support line you can request:

– Alarm management
– Coordinated reaction with the authorities in case of emergency
– Programming of Services:
– Preventive Maintenance
– Cargo Monitoring in Containers

+57 (5) 386 0000
Option 2
National Line
01 8000 955522
Option 2
Monday to Sunday:
24 hours
Emergency Line:
320 8899840
+57 (5) 377 6827

Frequent questions

Thinking about your comfort, we offer different options for the payment of your bill

Customer service

What does PQRFS mean?

It is a resource that our clients can use before our company to exercise their rights. Acronyms are applications that are defined as:

  • Petition: It is a request in which clients exercise their right to obtain clear information and solutions related to our operation.
  • Complaint: It is a manifestation of dissatisfaction for the service and / or product offered by the company.
  • Claim: It is identified as another type of manifestation of dissatisfaction with procedures not performed, negative contract, suspension, termination of the contract and billing.
  • Congratulation: It is an acknowledgment for the good performance that our services and / or products may have.
  • Sugestion: Indicates an observation or recommendation about the products and / or services offered by the company.

What procedure should I follow to submit a PQRFS?

At Geotech we will receive, without any kind of condition, any PQRFS in the following media:

  • Chat online at
  • Customer service lines: 01 8000 955522, Option 5

In the contact session of our website

It does not require the intervention of a lawyer, personal presentation or authentic documents, even if the user authorizes another person to present said PQRFS.

However, although the rights and obligations of the user who entered into the contract also extend to the user who benefits from the provision of services, the regulation states that only the user who entered into the contract is the holder of certain rights, especially the rights that imply conditions of minimum permanence, modifications to the contracted services or termination of the contract. For these cases, in which it concerns the exercise of a right that requires to be performed by the user who entered into the contract, and that can be transacted by a third party, authenticated power will be required.

How is the presentation of a PQRFS notified to our clients?

By any physical or electronic means of Geotech will be notified with a record of the presentation of your PQRFS and which will be assigned a unique number that identifies the process.

Do I have to pay the bill before submitting a PQRS?

When there is any disagreement with your invoice, you can submit a PQRS before the date of timely payment, in which case you do not have to pay the sums that are subject to claim, but you must cancel the sums not discussed before the date of payment. expiration for the payment of the corresponding invoice. Geotech is committed to the reception, attention, processing and response of the PQRS.

If you do not submit the PQRS before that date, you must pay the total value of your bill. In any case remember that you have 6 months counted from the date of timely payment of your invoice to submit any PQRS related to the concepts included in it.

If you paid your bill and the PQRS is settled in your favor, Geotech will refund the money canceled and not owed; On the other hand, if the invoice is not paid because it submitted the PQRS before the date of timely payment, and this is not resolved in your favor, you must cancel the amount of the pending invoice.

How will I receive the Answer to a PQRS?

Geotech will respond to the PQRS within 15 business days following its presentation, through the same means of attention for which it was presented, unless the user decides to receive it by a different means. In case that in our Company they require to practice tests, we will communicate it to him, arguing the reasons by which we must practice them, for it we will have 15 additional working days to give answer to his PQRS.

Payment methods

I have doubts about the concepts and / or values of my invoice

Call the toll-free national Customer Service line 01 8000 95 55 22, option 5 / from Barranquilla 3860000, option 5 or click here

My invoice has not arrived, how do I request a duplicate?

Obtain it by entering with your username and password to the satellite tracking platform click here

If you have problems, we can help you by calling the toll-free national Customer Service line 01 8000 95 55 22, option 5 / from Barranquilla to 3860000 option 5 or by clicking here

Where can I pay my bill?

Check our collection channels to make your payment click here

I paid, but my payment was not applied. What should I do?

It is very important that when using our payment channels, keep in mind that the payment reference is the number (CC or Nit) of identification of the service holder. If this number is wrong, we will not be able to identify your payment.

Send a request by clicking here with payment support, to reconcile your account. In case the service is suspended, the service will be restored in the next 24 hours.

Portfolio and Payment Agreements

How to make a payment agreement?

Call the toll-free national Customer Service line 01 8000 95 55 22, option 5 / from Barranquilla 3860000, option 5 or click here

Why was my service suspended?

GEOTECH may suspend the service of affiliates in any of the following cases:

a. Delay in payment of obligations: Geotech’s invoice is advanced month and the date of issue is always the first days of each month, the service is suspended once the payment of your invoice has a height of delay of 30 days from the date of issue. This suspension is carried out automatically by our system. Once the corresponding payments are made, the service is restored in the next 24 hours.

b. Mishandling: The improper use of equipment. This mechanism prevents the manipulation, alteration and theft of the devices

c. Restrict access by review: Do not allow access to the unit (s); for inspection, review and maintenance.

We will enable the User again so that he can monitor the affiliated vehicle once the breach by the User has been corrected.

Service Policies

What is the duration of our service contract?

Our contract has a term of one year, from the date of installation of the unit (s), automatically renewable for the same term and in accordance with the conditions indicated in the respective annexes, except written statement otherwise stated at least thirty (30) days before the expiration date.

To terminate the service contract, the GPS units as lease must be returned to our company, therefore, the user will pay us, the value for the disassembly of the units.

Can I suspend the satellite tracking service?

You can ask us for the temporary suspension of the service so that you can monitor the affiliated vehicle for a period of not less than one (1) month or more than two (2) calendar months, due to the causes of traffic accidents that prevent the normal operation of the vehicle. vehicle and / or engine repair as long as it is up to date on its obligations; for this purpose, you must notify us in writing of this fact and attach as support the sketch of the transit entity, photos of the accident and quotation of the workshop where the repair is carried out (in the case of repair of the engine).

The voluntary suspension may be requested once (1) a year and this power is not cumulative from year to year. The billing of the service will be suspended from the month following the presentation of the Service Suspension Order by the User, during that period the client must cancel the sum of eleven thousand six hundred pesos ($ 11,600) for the concept of Voluntary Suspension for each month in that the service is suspended. In case the client exceeds this time, billing will automatically begin for the value agreed in the contract.

Is Geotech responsible for a criminal act?

We are not responsible for criminal acts executed against the vehicle and the goods that these transport or are under the care of the Client. There is also an absence of responsibility for force majeure or fortuitous events, due to the omission or reluctance of the Client’s officers indicated in the Check List, to whom the event was communicated; for the negligent or reluctant conduct of the police authorities when dealing with the incident that affects the Client; for damage to telephone lines, or absence of cellular signal or suspension of service for reasons attributable to the Customer.

We are not responsible in case of not receiving a signal from the GPRS / GPS MODEM due to cuts, coverage failures, network saturation and / or technical failures in the CLARO GPRS network, or whoever takes their place or by any natural or caused by man where the reception of the GPRS / GPS MODEM signals installed in the vehicles and / or the sending of the information to the Geotech control center is suspended; In the event that some of these events occur, our only obligation will be to notify the representative of the SUBSCRIBER indicated on the application or to the person (s) to whom it has designated to notify of the suspension of the signal, in order that EL SUBSCRIBER take the necessary measures. Geotech’s responsibility to communicate this emergency event ends when it has given notice to one (1) of the persons representing THE SUBSCRIBER or to one (1) of the persons to whom this has been designated; as of that moment, our responsibility to communicate the emergency event ceases.

What should I do if I want to sell a vehicle that has a Geotech GPS device installed?

If the device is your property or is ours, you must request an appointment to transfer it to another vehicle or you may assign ownership of your equipment to another person. Contacting us through our toll-free customer service line 01 8000 95522, Option 1

Technical service

What are the consequences of manipulating the device?

For security reasons of the system, the User is obliged to inform us, at least three (3) business days in advance, of any arrangement or modification that is intended to be made to the affiliated vehicle, in the areas of brassware, painting, upholstery, alterations of the electrical system, change of voltage or additional facilities such as alarms, scanners, radios or audio and sound equipment. If for reasons of force majeure or fortuitous event, such as earthquake, flood, fire, terrorist acts, riots, riots, or in events such as collisions, overturns, short circuits or other electrical damage, the carrier vehicle of the unit suffers damage, The User must inform us directly or by interposed person these facts within two (2) business days following the occurrence of these.

If for any reason The User does not report the event of any of the events listed above, we will not be responsible for the operation of the system, being free of any liability or obligation, including warranty obligations and compensation.

THE SUBSCRIBER and THE USER undertake not to manipulate, alter, adjust or make repairs for any reason to the unit. In the event that the aforementioned events are verified through the unit’s review, during the term of this contract by THE SUBSCRIBER, THE USER or other persons outside our personnel, we are free from any liability or obligation, including guarantee and indemnification obligations.

How do I request a Maintenance?

Maintenance is requested through our Customer Service line 018000 955522, option 2, it is recommended to schedule an appointment no later than the day before the completion of each year of installed units, in order to submit the equipment for review and maintenance. The cost of the review service will be charged to THE SUBSCRIBER; and the parts that are necessary to replace will be assumed by us, as long as the unit is within the terms of the warranty and clauses present in this contract.

We can carry out at any time, at your expense, revisions to the unit installed in the affiliated vehicle, when for technical reasons it is required; in this case, THE SUBSCRIBER expressly agrees to allow authorized technicians to perform the tasks of review and maintenance. For this purpose, GEOTECH will provide these persons with the relevant identification documents and will notify in advance the site where this work will be carried out. In any case, when the service is performed at the address of the SUBSCRIBER, our personnel to carry out the inspection, review and maintenance of the equipment is obliged to comply with the security rules and procedures established by THE SUBSCRIBER.

How is the Device Installation process?

We will contact the customer via telephone to schedule the installation or maintenance and will have 24 hours to schedule the appointment. The services of installation, homologation, disassembly or reactivation of the units will be carried out directly by us or through a third party, as long as it is considered that the vehicle complies with the technical and safety conditions necessary for the operation of the system. The services of installation, homologation, dismantling and reinstallation of the units will be carried out according to the current established rates.


What should I do in case of theft?

If your vehicle is stolen, immediately call our emergency line from your cell phone at 320 8899840 or telephone +57(5) 3776827 in Barranquilla, or free to our national line 018000 955522, Option 1.

Inform our operator of the Monitoring Center you are calling to report the theft of your vehicle, and indicate the license plate, model, color and type. Our operator will request confirmation of the realization of the report of the theft of the vehicle. If you have not done it, you will be asked to do it.

Link to the national police virtual complaints page:

We recommend that you have the certainty of the theft, as the police code penalizes false alarms with fines of approximately five legal monthly minimum wages in force. Once the confirmation of the complaint has been received, the reaction protocol is initiated in coordination with the national police.

What should I do in the event of an accident or crash of my vehicle?

You must call any of the Facilities offices to verify that your system has not been affected and ensure its proper functioning.

What should I do if my vehicle is going to be scrapped?

You must inform us in advance to perform the disassembly of the equipment. If the clearing is not carried out and the equipment is affected and if it is in lease mode, the commercial value of the equipment will be billed.

Payment methods

Thinking about your comfort, we offer different options for the payment of your bill

Barcode Payments:

Éxito medios de pago
Carulla medios de pago
Banco de Occidente medios de pago
SurtiMax medios de pago

Other means of payment:


Collection Flyer Agreement: 33652 Reference: Electronic Payments in


Agreement 959595-4725

Pay on line:

PSE Pago en línea

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Obtain information about your rights as an user, procedures, redirections to control entities, and terms and conditions of your monitoring service.

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