Dump truck

Dump truck

Machinery and construction operations are dynamic, with multiple job sites, diverse assets and personnel in constant movement. In this scenario, controlling movement, unauthorized uses and maintenance problems represent great challenges for companies. Learn how we can help you optimize your fleet´s productivity while minimizing downtime and inefficiencies.

Maquinaria Amarilla

Why is it important to include a monitoring system in your machinery and construction operations?

Comply with the law, avoid sanctions and immobilization of your machinery:

Decree 019 of January 2012
Mandatory registration of yellow machinery in the RUNT. To perform the registration, the machinery must have permanently incorporated, and in operation, a GPS global positioning system that allows the location and verification by the control authorities.

Decree 723 of April 2014

The owners of yellow machinery must present the GPS Installation Certification issued by the service provider authorized by the National Police when it is required.

Geotech is authorized by Colombia´s National Police to provide GPS services for machinery and construction equipment.


certificados por la policía nacional

Comprehensive solution for yellow machinery

Vehicle monitoring

GPS para maquinaria amarilla

GeoFleet - Machinery and Construction

Geofleet is our intelligent monitoring solution for Machinery and Construction through GPRS network. From day 1, this next generation solution gives you valuable information, in real time, regarding the operation of your equipment that allows you to optimize its use and protect your investment.

  • Go beyond traditional monitoring
  • Optimize the use of your assets
  • Control your equipment´s maintenance
  • Advanced information at your fingertips

GeoSat - Machinery and Construction

For fleets that operate in areas with poor GPRS network coverage, Geotech has developed GeoSat, which, when implemented in combination with GeoFleet, provides a full and guaranteed coverage solution for the intelligent monitoring of machinery and equipment, that uses GPRS network backed by satellite communication. Access all the benefits of dual mode at a competitive cost.

  • Total coverage.
  • Low cost automatic routing
  • Smart communications
  • Shield against network congestion and bad weather.
  • Improve security


Sensor de combustible

– Fuel sensor
– Volco sensor
– Door sensor

Botón de pánico iButton

– Panic button
– iButton


– In cabin buzzer alarm

Micrófono en Cabina

– In cabin microphone

GeoCam, Cámara fotográfica

-GeoCam and Photo Camera

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