Managing fleet of taxis is a complex and vulnerable operations. Controlling movements, unauthorized usage and reckless driving habits are some of the challenges for taxi companies. To ensure return of investment and increase in productivity, taxi operations need advanced solutions that understand the dynamics of their business.


Integral solution for taxis

Vehicle monitoring

GPS Para Taxis

GeoFleet - Taxi

Geofleet is our intelligent monitoring solution through GPRS network designed taxi operations. From day 1, this next generation solution gives you valuable information, in real time, that helps you identify the logistical problems of your business, optimize the use of your fleet and achieve a greater return of investment.

  • Go beyond traditional monitoring
  • Taxi administration module
  • Detect “collective taxi” events
  • Avoid traffic infractions with hefty fines
  • Advanced information at your fingertips


Sensor de combustible

– Fuel sensor
– Door sensor

Botón de pánico iButton

– Panic button
– iButton


– In cabin buzzer alarm

Micrófono en Cabina

– In cabin microphone

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