Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

It´s not easy to identify your operation´s logistical challenges. Transport service providers need full visibility of their trucks to maximize usage, reduce operation costs, improve the quality of deliveries and secure their assets. Our integral solution for transportation and logistics has been designed with your operations needs in mind. Learn how our portfolio will help you maximize the potential of your operation.

gps para transporte de carga

Integral solution for cargo transport

Vehicle monitoring

Geofleet Transporte de Carga

GeoFleet - Transportation and Logistics

GeoFleet is our solution for intelligent monitoring of cargo trucks through GPRS network. From day 1, our next-generation solution provides you with valuable information, in real time, that helps you identify your operation´s logistical problems, optimize your fleet´s usage and achieve a greater return of your investment.

  • Go beyond traditional monitoring.
  • Stay updated.
  • Advanced information at your fingertips.

GeoSat - Transportation and Logistics

For fleets that operate in areas with poor GPRS network coverage, Geotech has developed GeoSat, which, when implemented in combination with GeoFleet, provides a full and guaranteed coverage solution for the intelligent monitoring of cargo trucks that uses GPRS network backed by satellite communication. Access all the benefits of dual mode at a competitive cost.

  • Total coverage.
  • Low cost automatic routing
  • Smart communications
  • Shield against network congestion and bad weather.
  • Improve security

Cargo Securing



GeoLock is a powerful solution that combines hardware and software to increase the protection of your cargo. By having real-time visibility of containers in transit, you can detect and correct any anomaly in your supply chain in a timely manner.

  • Easy implementation
  • Timely information
  • Reduce risk and increase profitability


GeoBolt is a reusable electronic security solution that combines hardware and software to increase the protection of your cargo. This small but powerful device features real-time visibility of containers in transit and allows detection of anomalies in the supply chain in a timely manner.

  • Strong, safe and intelligent
  • Easy implementation
  • Timely information
  • Reduce risk and increase profitability


Sensor de combustible

Fuel sensor

Botón de pánico iButton

Panic button – iButton

GeoCam, Cámara fotográfica

GeoCam, camera



Combine our vehicle monitoring and cargo security solutions

Reduce even more the threat to the security of your cargo and manage your assets better by combining our solutions for vehicle monitoring and cargo security.

  • Get full visibility of your operation’s components
  • Secure loading, unloading and delivery processes
  • Find valuable information about your vehicle, container and cargo in one place.
transporte de carga gps

Success Story

Transportes Sánchez Polo

Transportes Sanchez Polo

Logistics and Transportation

Type of Vehicles:
Trucks, Mules and Containers

Fleet size:
+2,500 daily vehicles

Type of Trips:
National and International


As a logistics operator, TSP must provide specialized services for the entire supply chain that meet the needs of its customers. For this purpose, it requires:

  • Monitor its vehicles, routes and response times efficiently
  • Manage risk through safety studies and constant cargo monitoring
  • Find a strategic ally that integrates with its traffic solution and allows direct and transparent access to the information
  • Receive accurate and detailed information of their operation in order to make timely and effective decisions

IMPACT: Increase in productivity, risk reduction

  • Optimization of traffic control processes
  • Complete traceability and enhanced security of the cargo when monitoring simultaneously trailer and container in the same platform
  • Recovery of stolen merchandise and reduction of unwanted incidents
  • Reduction of the risk of human error or participation of internal personnel in illegal activities
  • Improved compliance rate of service level agreements


  • Reduction in the manual operation of traffic control.
  • Lower costs due to accidents and undesired events.
  • Lower costs due to security schemes.
  • Less penalties for breach of service agreement.
  • Control in increases in insurance premiums and deductible payments.

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